5 Things Home Care Can Do for Seniors When They Have a Cold

Having a cold may seem like nothing more than a nuisance for most people, but for older adults who are also dealing with other medical conditions, having a cold can be miserable. With the temperatures turning colder and the country entering into peak cold and flu season, home care can be a great way to help seniors when they develop colds.


Caregiver in Thornhill: Senior Colds Tips

Caregiver in Thornhill: Senior Colds Tips



Here are just 5 things home care providers can do for your older adult should they come down with a cold.


#1: Help with Hydration

Having a cold can result in dehydration for seniors. Drinking plenty of liquids will prevent dehydration and help to thin mucus and loosen congestion. Water and juice are both good choices for seniors with cold. However, if they’d like something more soothing, home care can prepare a cup of warm water with honey and lemon or a mug of clear broth.


#2: Heat Things Up

Warmth can be soothing and ease the symptoms of a cold. There’s something to be said for a bowl of hot chicken soup. It’s comforting and the heat of it can loosen chest congestion on its way down to the stomach. Another way to ease coughing and congestion is with steam. A home care provider can run hot water in the bathtub to build up steam in the bathroom, then sit with the senior while they breathe it in.


#3: Ease the Pain of a Sore Throat

If your aging relative’s cold is accompanied by a sore throat, there are ways to ease it. A home care provider can prepare a salt water gargle using 8 ounces of warm water with up to half a teaspoon of salt mixed in. Ice chips or popsicles may also relieve the pain.


#4: Provide Tissues and Lotion

A stuffy or a runny nose can mean going through lots of tissues. A home care provider can make certain there is always a box within reach. Since frequent use of tissues can result in a sore, red nose, a home care provider can also help the older adult to apply some petroleum jelly or lotion to reduce redness and chapped skin.


#5: Allow Plenty of Time for Rest

One of the best things that can be done for a cold is to allow the person plenty of time to rest. Home care can allow seniors the time they need to rest by taking care of things around the house, so they don’t have to. Home care providers can clean the house, cook meals, do laundry, and take care of pets all while your aging relative stays snugly under a blanket resting.



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