Any task we do as part of daily life is an activity. Like the rest of us, frail or ill individuals need different types of activities each day to remain as healthy and alert as possible. Our health care providers offer variety of meaningful activities to our valued clients. Doing things together, our clients and health care providers both benefit physically and mentally from sharing positive experiences.

By involving our clients throughout the caring and therapeutic activities, we:

  • keep the client’s level of functioning at a higher level for a longer time;
  • promote and maintain greater self-esteem and interest in daily life because the client is participating in important activities;
  • achieve fewer behavior problems.

Our Promise

We are committed to ensuring that every client is informed, supported and encouraged to embrace a lifestyle that has continued meaning, purpose and value. Together these actions empower and respect our clients’ abilities to make independent choices based on their personal interests, capacities and needs.

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