Three Things that Don’t Get You Help and One that Does

When you’re a family caregiver, getting the help that you need is one of the most important tasks you’re going to face. If you go about it the wrong way, you might have a tougher time with caregiving than you really should.


Elder Care in North York: Caregiver Assistance

Elder Care in North York: Caregiver Assistance


Expecting that Other Family Members Will Just Pitch In

You may have some family members that are close to your aging adult or to you. You may even be waiting for them to jump in with an offer of assistance that you can grasp with both hands. But none of that has happened and you’re starting to get annoyed. The problem is that those expectations may not be grounded in what’s real. Your other family members may not be able to offer what you need and that has to be okay for now.

Dropping Hints that Help Would Be Great

When you get tired of waiting, you might up the ante a little bit and start dropping some hints. The hints might be subtle at first, but later they can get pretty overt. Unfortunately, other people aren’t able to pick up on those hints exactly the way you’d like every time. They might also start to feel as if they are being manipulated, which isn’t a fun feeling for them.

Packing Your Friends and Family for a Guilt Trip

If you’re still trying to get help from friends and family, you might move to the next stage, which is guilt tripping them into helping. This method of motivation can really backfire on you pretty spectacularly, though. You might suddenly find that they don’t want to be around you now or spend time with your senior, which isn’t what you want. Avoid the guilt trips and try a different answer.

So What Does Work?

One of the best solutions for getting the help that you need exactly when you need it is to hire senior care providers. They show up according to your schedule and can help your aging adult with a wide range of situations. As your needs change, their schedules can change to fit those needs without any trouble to you or your senior.

There’s no substitute for help that actually helps you. Hiring senior care providers is a fool-proof way for you to get the help that you need, right when you need it. This one step can give you exactly what you need to keep being the amazing caregiver that you are.


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