What Should You Do Right After Your Senior Falls?

As a caregiver, there are some specific things that you really should do after your senior falls. When you know your plan backward and forward, you’re going to be able to put it into place if she does happen to fall.


Elder Care in Vaughan: Senior Tips For Falls

Elder Care in Vaughan: Senior Tips For Falls

Assess Whether She’s Hurt

The very first thing to do once your senior falls is to determine if she’s hurt at all. If she’s in extreme pain or she can’t move at all, she needs medical intervention. As your senior tries to move, pay attention to whether she’s able to move properly. If she’s not able to do so, she may be injured more severely than either of you realize. Encourage her to wait for help and make sure that you call someone for medical assistance.

Encourage Her to Rest a Moment

A fall, even a small one that doesn’t do a lot of damage, is shocking. Your elderly family member might need a moment to take in exactly how she’s feeling and whether the shock is overriding everything else. Offer her a sip of water if she’s willing. That can help her to feel a little calmer and it can help with hydration, too.

Allow Her to Get Up

When she’s ready, you need to let your senior try to get up on her own. It feels cruel, but there’s a good reason for this. If your elderly family member can get up on her own, then she may be assessing her pain and her abilities accurately. But if she’s not able to actually get up, there may be a lot more going on than anyone knows just yet.

Contact Her Doctor as Soon as Possible

Regardless of what else happened after the fall, make sure that you contact your senior’s doctor as soon as you’re able to do so. Let her doctor know exactly what happened, what you observed, and what your senior has to say about how she felt then and how she feels now. Depending on the situation, her doctor may want to see her to assess her in person. This fall needs to be a part of her health record so that your elderly family member’s doctor has all the information necessary to help her in the future.


It’s difficult to watch your senior age and it’s especially difficult to watch her experience something that makes her feel frail. Being a caregiver means being there for your elderly family member without hindering her ability to take care of herself as much as she’s able to do so.


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