Elderly Care Tips: Helping Your Aging Parents Cope with Vertigo

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Managing the unexpected in your elderly care plan is something that most caregivers become accustomed to after several months or even years of taking care of their aging parents. While much of the care you give your seniors is routine, sometimes you will encounter something new and need to make adjustments to the care and assistance you offer in order to maintain your elderly parents’ safe, healthy Elderly Care in Vaughanquality of life. One of the unexpected issues that many caregivers encounter when caring for their elderly parents is vertigo. This disorienting condition can be uncomfortable for anyone, but it can pose serious risks for aging adults who are already more prone to falls and injuries than younger adults.

Vertigo is a condition that causes severe dizziness and the feeling that the world is spinning. Some sufferers feel like they are falling even though they are able to feel the ground, chair, or bed beneath them. This feeling occurs when changes within the ear cause the brain to not be able to interpret a person’s position or movement. Though the condition itself is not dangerous, it could be a symptom of a larger condition, such as an ear infection. If your elderly loved ones begin showing signs of dizziness or difficulty balancing, have them evaluated by their physician to eliminate other conditions.

Regardless of the cause behind your parents’ vertigo, if they are suffering from this condition they could experience very sudden bouts of disorientation, dizziness, and an unexplained feeling of motion that throw them off balance. This could cause serious slips and falls, putting your loved ones at risk of severe injury. Use these tips to help your seniors cope with their vertigo and stay safer:

• Get up slowly. Symptoms of vertigo tend to hit most severely when waking up or standing from a sitting position. Encourage your elderly loved ones to change position slowly and carefully, and take breaks if they start to feel dizzy

• Offer assistance. Make sure you or your parent’s elderly health care services provider is there to offer physical support and assistance when your parents are doing things that may throw them off balance, such as getting out of bed, standing up from a chair or the toilet, or going down the stairs

• Make the home safer. Make it easier for your seniors to handle sudden bouts of vertigo by making adjustments throughout the home to improve its safety. Add grab bars, ensure the bannisters are sturdy and secure, and remove or modify slippery or loose flooring and floor coverings so that if your parents do get dizzy or feel unbalanced, they have a better chance of catching themselves

• Protect ear health. Problems within the ear, such as a buildup of fluid or damage caused by loud sounds, can lead to vertigo. Protect your elderly loved ones’ ear health by limiting exposure to loud sounds, never using cotton swabs inside the ear, and preventing water from getting inside the ears during bathing and swimming.

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