Falls Assessment

Despite recent advances in our understanding of client falls, they remain a major problem. Of greater concern, falls result in serious injuries that further compromise health status or even result in death, either from the fall or from secondary causes. Falls have been identified as the second leading cause of accidental death in Canada, and 56% of those falls occur in the elderly population. In addition to the hazards of everyday living and of aging, senior Canadians are weakened from illness, surgery, and bed rest; they may feel unwell and unsteady as a result of receiving multiple medications; they may be cognitive impaired, and do not use their walking aids correctly. Consequently, they trip or slip, lose their balance, and fall. However, falls are the most preventable risk to health among senior Canadians.

Utilizing the best practice guidelines in falls prevention, our team of experts conducts comprehensive in-home fall risk assessment to:

  • Identify risk factors for falls
  • Ensure an optimally safe environment
  • Implement strategies to prevent falls
  • Protect the client from injury should a serious fall occur

We offer care based on a coordinated multidisciplinary approach incorporating ongoing communication between health care providers and clients, ever mindful of the personal preferences and unique needs of each individual client.

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