Home Care in Toronto – Tips to Prevent Falls and Hip Fractures

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls are the reason for over 50% of all injuries of Canadians over 65 years of age. Additionally, falls are responsible for 85% of hospitalizations for senior injuries. These statistics are staggering. The cost to the health system is phenomenal as well, accounting for approximately $2billion per year.Home Care Toronto

The more we know about the causes and circumstances for seniors falling, the more that can be done to prevent them. This is a summary of what we know so far:

  • Almost half of all senior injuries happen at home.
  • The rooms in the house most likely to be the location of an injury are the bathroom and stairs. They are especially hazardous because of the increased risks of stumbling, tripping or slipping.
  • Seniors who have fallen once have an increased fear of falling again. Because of this, they limit their activities. Unfortunately, they become less mobile and lose strength and flexibility. This in turn increases the risk of more falls.
  • Regular physical exercise reduces fall risks as well as reducing injury risks.

There are home adjustments you can make to help prevent fall risks

  • Remove loose mats and rugs off the floor
  • Put extension cords out of the way of tripping
  • Ensure all floors in the house are level
  • Put a handrail on both sides of a stair case. Consider installing a chair lift.
  • Increase the lighting in the home, especially hallways and at each outside door.
  • Install grab bars around the bathroom in the appropriate places
  • Make sure floors are non-slip
  • Put non-slip flooring inside the tub
  • Convert from traditional tub to walk-in tub
  • Install raised toilet seats

How to help your loved one after a fall

Your elderly loved one will need time to recover from a fall. The amount of time depends on the seriousness of the fall and what the injuries were. It’s critical to do whatever is necessary to prevent further falls. Here are some strategies to prevent falls:

  1. Use an in-home care service to be in your senior loved one’s home to help with everyday activities. This can benefit both you and your loved one in multiple ways. First of all, it gives your senior that little bit of extra help she needs. She can still stay very independent, but her fall risks lessen when she’s not trying to reach something up in the cupboard, or trying to go up and down stairs to do the laundry. It also benefits you because some of your time can be freed up.
  2. Encourage daily exercise to strengthen her muscles and bones, as well as increase her flexibility. This will help tremendously in avoiding more falls. You can get a variety of different exercises going for her so she doesn’t get bored. One day she can go for a walk; another day for a swim. As long as she is moving it will be of great benefit.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services in Toronto, contact the caring professionals at Staff Relief Health Care 24/7 at 905.709.1767.

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