10 Foods Seniors with Dentures Should Avoid

Seniors who depend on family caregivers and elderly care providers to prepare their meals and snacks should never be served food that has the potential to damage their dentures. Elderly care providers are well-trained in the appropriate foods for aging adults with dentures.


Home Care Services in Aurora: Dentures - Foods To Avoid

Home Care Services in Aurora: Dentures – Foods To Avoid


Here are 10 foods that seniors with dentures should avoid…


1. Nuts
While nuts are delicious and healthy, they can cause real problems for denture wearers. The chewing action used for nuts is done on one side of the mouth with a lot of force, which can dislodge the dentures.

Alternative: Olives, grapes, and berries


2. Tiny Seeds

Small seeds like sesame, poppy, and flax can make bread look and taste wonderful. However, it is a real nightmare for elderly adults that wear dentures. They can slip in between the dentures and the gums and can cause sores.

Alternative: No-seed bread and rolls

3. Nut Butter

Nut butters, like peanut or almond, can stick to the mouth no matter what, but with dentures, it can lead to discomfort for the elderly adult. The stickiness can also cause the dentures to dislodge and make it a challenge to clean.

Alternative: Hummus, honey butter or pate


4. Hard Fresh Fruit

Foods that require a hard bite are simply not good for denture wearers, and some hard, fresh fruit can require so much pressure that dentures can break or crack. Seniors with dentures should steer clear of apples, unripe pears, and coconut meat.

Alternative: Soft fruits like peaches, pears, bananas, berries, and melons.


5. Hard Fresh Vegetables

Hard fresh vegetables also require a hard bite on one side of the mouth, putting stress on the dentures and the gums. Key culprits are carrot sticks, corn on the cob and celery.

Alternative: Potatoes, avocados, beans, broccoli, and peas


6. Tough Red Meat

It’s almost impossible for elderly adults with dentures to successfully et stringy red meat. Grilled steak, pork chops, ribs and similar dishes simply require too much grinding and chewing to combine well with dentures.

Alternatives: Ground beef and pulled pork


7. Hard Candy

If the elderly person can resist biting the hard candy, then it’s fine to consume, but biting down on hard candy with dentures is a recipe for trouble. The hard candy can dislodge or even crack dentures and may even cause new pressure points in the mouth as a result.

Alternatives: Chocolate and mints


8. Sticky Candy

Like nut butter, the sticky sweets and candies can pull a well-fitting set of dentures out of place in a hurry. Caramels, taffy, some licorice, and gummies are delicious sweet treats but not appropriate for seniors with dentures.

Alternatives: Cotton candy, cake, and cookies


9. Popcorn

Unpopped kernels and hulls make popcorn hard to eat with dentures. Small bits can even get stuck between the gums and the dentures, irritating the mouth.

Alternatives: Rice cakes and pretzels


10. Coffee

It’s not so much the coffee, but the caffeine in it, which dries out the tissues of the mouth. Dry gums can cause denture to fit poorly, causing detachment and catching bits of food in hard-to-reach places.

Alternatives: Decaf coffee, herbal tea, and water


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