Planning Senior Care? Ask Your Parents These Questions

Are you and your parents discussing the pros and cons of senior care? Before you make any definitive decisions, ask your parents these questions. It’s a discussion you must have together while they remain honest while answering them.


Home Health Care in Markham: Senior Care Planning

Home Health Care in Markham: Senior Care Planning


What Tasks Are Becoming More Challenging?

Sit down and ask your parents what areas of the home and personal care do they find more challenging. With arthritis pain, your mom may admit that getting up and down the basement stairs is now harder than it used to be. Doing the laundry is harder than before if she doesn’t have someone available to carry the basket of laundry for her.

Your dad may admit that he can’t cook his dinners anymore if he doesn’t buy sliced vegetables and meats. He can’t comfortably hold a knife and slice items anymore.

They may tell you that keeping the stove clean, keeping up with housework, driving the car, walking around the neighborhood, or balancing their bank accounts is too challenging. All of these are areas you’ll need to look at when arranging senior care services.


What Qualities Would They Want in a Caregiver?

Some aging parents can’t imagine having a stranger coming to their home and helping them with personal care. Others prefer it to thoughts of their sons or daughters having to help them in the shower or brushing and flossing their teeth.

If your parents do need professional caregivers, what qualities would they look for? Would your dad prefer a male caregiver? Would your mom want a female caregiver? Would it matter? If your mom loves to paint, would she want a caregiver who shares her passion? Would your dad want a caregiver who loves to watch war movies and work in a garden?


What Do They Expect From Senior Care Services?

Make sure your parents’ expectations of senior care are realistic. If they’re expecting someone who they will order around, you need to correct them. Make sure they know the caregiver is there to do the things on the list.

If they need additional care services, that can be arranged. They cannot just pick and choose on the day they have a caregiver stopping by what they feel like having the caregiver do.


Once you’re ready to take the first step, pick up the phone. A quick call to a senior care agency gets you on the path to finding the right services and learning more about senior care prices.



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