How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Stick with Exercise

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Exercise is fantastic for anyone, no matter their age, but it’s especially beneficial for your elderly loved one. If she’s balked at starting an exercise routine before, maybe it’s time to try again. The Senior-Care-in-Markhamkey is to start out slowly and to make sure that she’s got medical approval to exercise before beginning anything new.


Have a Plan in Place

To start out, figure out what is standing in the way of your loved one exercising regularly. If it’s that she doesn’t know what to do, explore classes together. If it’s that she doesn’t want to go it alone, keep her company. It doesn’t have to be complicated or take up a lot of time but your loved one does need to keep moving.


Set Up Some Goals

If your loved one has a reason for moving more, she’ll be more likely to stick with her exercise plan. Help her to determine why exercise is beneficial for her personally. Maybe she wants to be less winded when she walks or maybe she wants to try to lower her blood pressure so that she doesn’t have to take as much medication anymore. Once you have some goals in place, it’s much easier to see why exercise is so important.


Get a Support System

Nothing happens in a vacuum, and that’s true even for your loved one’s exercise routine. Help her to set up a support system, whether that’s just you exercising with her, her exercising with her friends, or having her senior care providers help out with her exercise plans. When your loved one has a support network that she can turn to, it’ll be much easier for her to remember her goals and keep on moving.


Take it Easy

If your loved one hasn’t ever exercised before or hasn’t in a while, don’t try to start out with something difficult right out of the gate. She needs to take it easy and to start slowly. Talk with your loved one’s doctor before she starts any type of exercise plan so that you can make sure that the exercises that she’s planning to do are well within what she’s able to do.

Exercise is wonderful for your elderly loved one and making it a regular habit is easier than you might think.

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