Is It Time to Take the Car Keys Away from Mom?

Elder Care in Richmond Hill – Facts about Older Drivers

There is a lot of controversy surrounding older drivers and when they should stop driving. Most places don’t have a mandatory age to retire from driving. For Margaret Simmons of Ontario, having her license taken away was akin to losing one of her legs. One day she was pulled over on the highway by local police. The only thing they said she was doing wrong? Driving too slowly. When the police officer checker her driver’s license he noted her age was 93. He didn’t issue her a ticket but 2 weeks later she received a notice in the mail. Her license was suspended due to medical reasons.Elder Care Richmond Hill

Margaret had been driving for over 73 years. Losing the ability to drive made a huge impact on her. According to Stats Canada however, people who are over 70 years of age have the highest rates of motor vehicle accidents.

There are many things to consider, and first and foremost is the safety of people, including the senior and those affected by their driving. When the license must be suspended, the senior will have some mental, emotional and physical obstacles to overcome, including:

  • They will need someone to provide transportation for them on a regular basis
  • They will need to be included and invited to social events with a ride provided
  • They will need someone to take them shopping
  • They will need people to come visit them to alleviate loneliness and isolation
  • Life without wheels will change for them, and they will need adequate support from friends and family to deal with these changes.

According to Stats Canada, people who are between the ages of 65-74 are more likely to live in rural than urban areas. This means they either do not have access to public transit or it’s inadequate to meet their needs.

For elderly persons in Ontario, their license can be suspended if their doctor or optometrist feels their health or visual conditions might impair their ability to safely drive. Doctors may assess a senior’s vision, cognitive abilities and mobility when making this decision.

If you are worried about your loved one’s ability to continue driving because of safety concerns, speak to your loved one’s doctor and/or optometrist and see if you can get the necessary tests completed.

Elderly home care can help out with transportation, rides to doctors, rides to go grocery shopping, as well as companionship to alleviate loneliness. They would have someone to talk to and do things with as well as help with everyday things like personal care and home care. Losing the driver’s license can be a difficult time emotionally for your loved one; they will need lots of love and support from their friends and family members at this time.

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