Senior Care near Markam – How can it Help Your Family?

When an accident or injury happens with your elderly loved one, your entire family feels like they’re in crisis mode. This is especially true if you haven’t had conversations about care options, and what you would do in certain circumstances. That’s where we can help. The following stories illustrate how families can deal with crisis situations.why-staff-relief-p

When Betty broke her hip

Betty, an 82 year old widow, had enjoyed reasonably good health. Her family had no reason to worry about her living alone until she fell and broke her hip. She was able to pull the kitchen phone down and phone her neighbor who called the ambulance. Betty had the surgery and was in recovery when her family had to make some decisions.

Betty lived in a small, but cozy home in the same neighborhood she had lived in for more than 40 years. She had a group of close friends; they all looked out for each other. Her church was nearby and there was a small grocery store within walking distance. She would go there and buy her groceries and they would deliver them to her house later that day.

Betty’s family couldn’t imagine taking her out of her familiar surroundings. They decided she would recuperate better in her own home and near her dear friends so they chose to hire senior home services. They chose a great caregiver who had something in common with Betty – they both loved to knit!

Uncle Fred’s journey through Alzheimer’s

For a while now Uncle Fred had seemed a little forgetful. At age 89, he didn’t worry too much about it. In fact he was always a little prankster so he enjoyed making jokes about his memory loss. He had lived alone for almost 20 years and was used to being very independent. He had voluntarily given up his drivers license a few years ago, because he found it difficult to concentrate on driving.

His family never thought his forgetfulness was anything more than just a process of aging until the day his neighbor saw smoke coming from the kitchen window and called the fire department. As it turns out, Uncle Fred had forgotten to turn the stove off, and had burned through the bottom of a pot and nearly set the house on fire.

When the family went to his home to see the extent of the damages, they noticed piles of unopened mail, unpaid bills and medication that was outdated and not taken. They were very alarmed about the situation and took Uncle Fred to the doctor who diagnosed early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Uncle Fred’s family decided that his great grandson Michael would move in, and be the caregiver for night duty. Michael was a student in College and needed a place close to the school to stay. In return, he would supervise Uncle Fred for the night shift. During the day, they hired Senior Care Service to go into the home and help Uncle Fred with light housekeeping, personal care and fixing meals.

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