What do our clients say about us?

“We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the client and her family to thank you for your help and assistance in regards to the client’s recovery. The successful completion of this matter means that the client will move forward with the independence and security. The client’s progress and her successful case would not have happened without a caring, compassionate and extremely professional proficient team throughout.”



“Many thanks for your wonderful service. Ernido is wonderful… We like him so much.”



“Many thanks to Filomena for all her care and attention. She will make a great, caring nurse.”



“I am writing to let you know I was very, very happy with the help I got from your agency. When my father suddenly went into the hospital I called your agency for help. The receptionist was excellent – I think her name was Ella. She immediately understood my request and she sent me someone very, very quickly. She was very clear in her communication and she was very compassionate. She sent me a wonderful young woman – Dan – who helped me out for three days. Dan was kind and intelligent and absolutely an angel. My father felt very comforted by Dan, and she helped ease my pain, too. She was knowledgeable and very, very helpful. I just want you to know that I was extremely impressed with these two people on your staff, and I really appreciate their help.”



“I was very happy with the service. I did not know what to expect. Natassja was punctual and very lovely. It was a great pleasure to see Natassja. The help I really needed. Thank you.”



“On behalf of my husband and myself, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation for the excellent service provided by Staff Relief Health Care Services to my mother-in-law during her last few weeks of life. Your immediate response to a call for service and ongoing support to her and me was stellar. I particularly was impressed with the caliber of staff who were assigned to her care. And, the physician caring for my mother-in-law also commented several times on the high caliber of the caregivers. All not only had excellent skills, but also showed a high level of caring and compassion. Prior to her sudden illness, my mother-in-law was fiercely independent and did not want any help. Having no option about accepting such support, it is your agency’s credit that she often commented on how much she liked the individuals caring for her and how kind they were.”



“One of your caregivers is presently working one-on-one with my relative. She is the most caring and fantastic caregiver my relative has ever had. She treats him like a family member and is always courteous and respectful to him and to the family. She is definitely a credit to your organization. If all of your staff is like her, then you have a wonderful organization.”



“The caregiver assigned to mother was her favorite. She was outstanding in every way. A pleasure to have her looking after my mother.”



“We utilized the services of three caregivers on an ongoing basis. We were very impressed with their professionalism and adept handling of family dynamics and crisis situations. They connected so well with our family member, truly providing care. We would use your services again and commend these individuals for their level of care and concern for our family.



“My family and I want to thank your company so very much for the excellent care your personal support workers provided for my father. It was his wish to remain at home until he passed away; your help ensured this could happen. Please give our personal thanks to all caregivers; their compassion and good spirits made our dad’s last few weeks bearable.”



“Often, I question agency nurses’ level of professionalism, caring, and competence. But, I want you to know that you have exceptional nurses. I was impressed by the level of their nursing skills, professional attitude, and caring. Frankly, I was surprised to see agency nurses, who have not worked at the facility on a regular basis, perform on such a high level.”

Charge Nurse

Nursing Home, Toronto

“We appreciate the service by your company and by your caregiver. My mother’s geriatrician was happy to see that my mother had not declined in the last six months in terms of mental status and was well supported. Her weight is stable indicating she is getting enough to eat. I believe that we can call this a success to date.”



“Kesha has been working with me since September of last year, and so far, there hasn’t been anything better than this young lady’s performance and her way of work with me. Great job Kesha!



My mother was THRILLED with the exceptional care she received and is very grateful. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear this. Lale made a dreadful experience tolerable and it went very well under the circumstances. Once again I would like to compliment you on your staff. Again, many, many thanks for make a difficult experience so much better.



I want to thank Myrna, Susan, Isabelle, and most especially Cathy for her care and love. She is a really good person and made my wife’s life better at the end.



I must tell you how marvellous Geraldine was with my husband. The nursing home thought very highly of her, too. Thanks for all your help.



I just wanted to let you know that I think Gurjit is fantastic. She has such a caring way about her and is excellent with our father. I do not have to worry when Gurjit is with Dad since she treats him like he was her own father. So much respect and caring, she is a wonderful person. Thank you for providing such a much needed service.



Our family is very grateful for the good job Otilia did helping my very anxious mother adapt to a very scary situation for her to go through. We thank your for your quick response!!!



I am writing to express my sincerest thanks to Gurjit for the care and compassion that she has provided to my father. My father was a very ill man when a request was made to Staff Relief to provide supplemental healthcare support to my father. The power that a healthcare provider has is extraordinary. On a daily basis, Gurjit is not only caring for the health of my father, but she has also created reasons to smile, making living conditions suitable and more pleasant, and forming connections with my father who not only needs them, but depends on them. Gurjit consistently provides this caring compassion and nursing professionalism. On behalf of my father and me, please extend our appreciation and thanks to Gurjit for all her efforts and dedication.



I am so thankful to you for the wonderful care you have arranged for my parents over the past year and a half.  I clearly remember my first phone call to Staff Relief, when I was so upset because my father was in the hospital and I needed help. Ella was so kind and calm and arranged for help right away. Ella’s calm, understanding voice helped me immensely. Ella was able to find wonderful caregivers/companions for my parents and she seemed to understand their needs and their personalities. Thank you so very much.

I know Shoba is very sad.  She and my mother developed a close relationship.  I am very, very thankful to Shoba for bringing joy and support to my mother during the time they spent together.  Shoba was wonderful – sensitive, intelligent, kind, thoughtful (just like my Mom).




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